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Crane Small


Our smallest Standard Cabin. A good working environment for a full size operating Chair and a decent Cabinet for Electronics inside.

All the great Alucabin features are present:


Fantastic Panaorama-view thru the glass-nose. Just a small alu-profile in the joinings!

Mounting-tracs for Monitors etc. along the window profiles.

Integrated Vent-channels and cable-channels in the raised floor.

The HVAC on this small cabin is placed outside on the back-wall as "piggy-back", but under the streched roof and nicely Integrated for easy Access.

Sideview_16015-A11 R00 AluCabin-X Small Dummy-Assembly (600x400)
AluCabin-X2 Crane Small_sideviwe
AluCabin-X2 Crane Small_back
AluCabin-X2 Crane Small_sideviwe 2.1


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